New iPhone iOS7 reportedly causing Vertigo!! Find out Why?!?!

Those of us that have made the switch to the new iPhone operating system have noticed the changes. Some of us apparently more than others. It has been reported that some users (more than not) are experiencing nausea and vertigo like symptoms for DAYS after using the new system! What does this actually mean? Is it Apples fault, your fault, or who’s? This may come as a surprise to you but the answer may involve what your eating!!! To understand this we must look at the concepts of Functional Neurology. The main principle in Functional Neurology is that the brain is constantly changing. It is called neural plasticity. There are both good and bad forms of plasticity. For example if you want to remember that cute girls number from Johnny’s Restaurant, your brain must plastically form new connections in the temporal lobe. You can also have negative plasticity, as in if you eat a high inflammatory diet which creates neuronal death and systems like your frontal lobe diminish causing anxiety. In the case of the new iPhone users, what seems to be happening is that the majority of people’s bodies are inflamed. Between stress, poor diet and medications, our brains are experiencing NEGATIVE plasticity. Specifically when one looks at the bright lights of the new iPhone, mixed with the abrupt changes in the swirling screen, we can create overload in our Mesencephalon and weakened cerebellar systems. What this means is the inflammation in your diet from gluten, dairy and soy creates lowering of function in your cerebellum which normally prevents that spinning feeling in vertigo. Also over stimulation of the mesencephalon caused by increased stress and bright light stimulus can create nauseous feelings and blurred vision.

So who’s fault is it? Is it the fault of Apple? Your fault? Or is it the fault of society for condoning poor diets, high levels of stress and a lack of exercise?

That being said how can we counter these symptoms? Well exercise is great for cerebellar stimulus! Not only that but cleaning up your diet will decrease inflammation and prevent negative plasticity within your brain. For more specific treatment, seeing a functional neurologist, so that they can balance things out! If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.

Have a great day,

Dr. Bova, DC




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