Alternative Health Care

At Bova Health and Wellness our primary goal is to help you reach your optimal health. We understand that everyone is unique and therefore has various health needs. Dr. Bova will sit down with you and formulate a personalized plan that will address all of your health concerns. At Bova Health and Wellness, we believe that the key to you truly becoming healthy is in treating your body and not your disease. Therefore when you are a patient of Dr. Bova’s he will look at you as a whole. With board certification in Functional Neurology, Chiropractic and a vast education in Functional/Clinical Nutrition, Dr. Bova is able to assess many areas of your health.

Neurological Conditions:
Gait Difficulty
Attention Difficulty
Mood Disorders
and much more
Metabolic / Nutritional Conditions:
Weight issues
and much more
So what should you expect?
On your initial visit Dr. Bova will walk you through his process of assessing your health and come up with an initial diagnosis. Upon your next visit, you will receive a personalized plan which will spell out each part of your treatment. It is important to realize that your health is your own, which means your outcomes will be decided upon not only the work that Dr. Bova does in office but also the work that you do outside of the office. We are big believers in “at home therapy”, which means much of your success will be decided upon your dedication at home. Dr. Bova will help guide you along the way, but in the end it is YOU who holds the key to your health!

So if you are ready to make significant change, and are tired of not finding answers – Bova Health and Wellness is ready for you!!!